Ramblings of a depressed gamer

The start of my blog about living with a depression, from the head of an out and out gamer.


So following a few posts on Facebook H suggested I turn them into a blog. So here I am.

I’m Ben, early 40’s and work as a Real Time Analyst in a call centre in the South West of England. In my spare time amongst other things I like to game – computer games, board games and most of all RPG’s and Theatre Style LARPS.

I also suffer from Chronic Depression. I was first diagnosed in January 2005, and since then it’s had to become part of my life. On occasion a large, controlling part, but far more often something that’s just there, I’m aware of it, have to make some allowances for it, but otherwise I live a normal live. So despite the title of this blog I’m not constantly in a state of depression, but I constantly live with depression. Of the two words above I’d classify myself as a Gamer, who happens to have depression.

The idea of this blog started after a gaming Convention last weekend – I’ve always suffered ‘con-crash’, that feeling down and missing everything, when a Con finishes. However it’s always been quite pronounced for me because it feeds into my depression, and even worse again this time as I’d been a bit rocky for a few weeks. So I decided to post about my feelings and the depression on Facebook and ask friends for some gaming memories. This way I could concentrate on the positives of the experience, rather than allowing the negative to drag me further down. The response from my friends was amazing, this led to another post the following day and then a third. It was at this point H suggested I turned it into a blog – and I thought, why not?

Below is my first Facebook post from Sunday evening and a collection of the responses – anonymised of course.

‘So I’ve just got back from Contingency- which was an awesome con by the way.
However as many of you know I suffer from depression. Usually well under control, although I do get ups and down. For some reason the last few weeks have been particularly tough, with more lows than highs.
Being at Contingency has been amazing, I’ve had a brilliant time, playing brilliant games with awesome people – and bumped into other awesome people as well.
But now the post con comedown is hitting me hard – harder than usual in fact and I can feel myself teetering on the edge right now – which as you can imagine is not much fun.
Now I know all the steps I need to take to get through this, and I’m not looking for sympathy either. What would really help is bits about games we’ve played together and bits that you remember that I was involved in that you particularly enjoyed or made you laugh, or hit you in the feels. In this state I find it harder to remember the good bits, so any help with that would be wonderful.
Oh and above there’s a picture of me dressed for our Regency LARP last night.
Stay safe folks.’
And some of the responses:
I remember during a game of Never to Die, you insisted that one of the NPCs be called Barbara, just so that you could say “We’re coming to get you, Barbara!”

Also, I recall your great triumph at the LA Mayoral elections in 1933 being somewhat undermined as the whole of California became part of Faerieland moments later.

((Hugs)). It was great to see you and thanks for the invite back to the caravan. I loved your character in the LARP – you felt so period in your mannerisms and demeanour that I stopped seeing you as Ben and you were George Windham. Plus, you are so lovely and generous with your care and time to make sure others are ok, which is a wonderful thing. And finally, as ever, when I see you at cons I’m reminded of the awesome Troll Bridge game you ran at ConTroll – you just let us run with it and embraced the zaniness 😉 Look after yourself and if I can help, just let me know x

You look awesome. Only saw you briefly, but you talking so matter of factly about mental health was great for me. I get anxiety which tends to spike at cons & that was calming for me. Take care of yourself. X

X’s Cthulhu call centre game – the first time I met you and Helen and had been (in character) hitting on her for 20 mins before she introduced us… awkward!

This was followed the following day by a post asking about how we first met, again lovely responses, some from friends I’ve known since before I started school, but I’ve picked this one out as it’s linked to one of my favourite gaming experiences:
I cannot remember what was the first game we played together. But the last one was Grey Ranks and you were playing Bear. It was all very brutal and sad but also beautiful. We had ice cream and cried a bit.
So there you have it, that’s the start of my blog. Sometimes it’ll be very depression-centric, other times not. Also one thing from my personal experience – if you think you are suffering from Depression or other mental illness, the best thing you can do (and it’s far easier for me to say than to do) is talk about it. To loved ones, friends, family and ideally get professional help. My actions above help me personally, but I’m diagnosed, have had medical and talking therapies and am using coping strategies I’ve learnt along the way.

Author: wraithben

I'm Ben, early 40's and work as a Real Time Analyst in a call centre in the South West of England. In my spare time amongst other things I like to game - computer games, board games and most of all RPG's and Theatre Style LARPS. I also suffer from Chronic Depression.

One thought on “Ramblings of a depressed gamer”

  1. Some people have a very natural style when writing, you sir are one of those people. It makes for easy reading despite the topic. Looking forward to more stuff please Ben. I’d love to read actual play reports or how you interact with the other players at the table. Oooh especially LARP stuff I’ve never been brave enough so it would be great to get an insider view.


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